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Automatic pill dispensers so your loved ones can stay independent

MedMinder helps your mom/dad stay independent. Giving you reassurance that you will know if your parents have taken their medication. Enjoy peace of mind today!


  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • User Reminders
  • Remote Monitoring
  • No Charge for the Equipment
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No phone line needed.

The ONLY pill dispensers with their own, built-in Cellular connection!

Pill Dispenser

Easy to use, internal cellular connection, for the elderly

$39.99 /Per Month

No Contracts – You can cancel service any time.

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Locked Pill Dispenser

Tamper Proof. Only the right compartment is accessible. Safe and secure pill dispenser.

$80.00 $59.99 /Per Month

No Contracts – You can cancel service any time.

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Pill Dispenser’s Features “At a Glance”


Mobile Phone Coverage

The pill dispenser has an internal cellular connection.

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Cellular Connection

The Maya pill dispenser has an internal cellular modem to communicate with MedMinder’s remote system. All that is required is mobile phone network coverage.

There is NO NEED for a phone line, computer, wireless router or any other form of Internet access. With no digimaptal read-outs, buttons or the need for programming, those who may be resistant to technology or new devices will feel at ease and comfortable with their unit.


Flexible Programming

Set Up your Preferred Times and Selected Reminders.
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Flexible Programming

While some individuals enjoy phone call reminders, others may prefer a friendly text message. MedMinder offers a number of notification and reminder options for you to choose from and at any times you select! Users can select from visual reminders, beeps, phone calls, emails or text messages. Remote caregivers can select phone calls, emails or text message notifications and change these at any time online, using our secure website. The MedMinder system allows you to select any combination of these reminders & notifications at any time of your choosing.

For example:

MedMinder can be set to start flashing at 8:00. If the medication cup is not removed, MedMinder can be set to start beeping at 8:30. If the cup is not removed by 9:00, the user can be called. If the medication cup is still not removed by 9:30, the caregiver can be notified by phone, email or text according to their preference. Medicaiton and reminder times can all be set and changed online according to your preference by using our secure website.

Maya is equipped with a self-contained wireless modem that links to MedMinder’s remote server. Using a simple web interface, the user or caregiver can easily program the compartments’ access schedule. Alternatively, you can call MedMinder and we will do this for you.

All reminders and notifications are included in the monthly fee. There is no extra charges for selecting more notifications.


Multiple Caregivers

Have as many caregivers as needed at no extra charge.
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Multiple Caregivers

MedMinder allows you to have as many caregivers as needed. And if you want to add more caregivers, you can just do it. There is no extra charge for having more caregivers. You can simply visit our secure website and add the additional caregiver(s) information, who will then be able to set their own notifications preferences.


Pre-Filled Trays

Option to use pre-filled trays.

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Pre-Filled Tray

Many chronically ill patients are on complicated drug regimens, typically taking more than ten pills a day. Correctly filling each medication compartment may become challenging and high-risk for any individual.

MedMinder offers two possible ways to fill the compartments:

    • Manually: Simply lifting MedMinder’s lid gives access to all 28 medication compartments, allowing pills to be placed in the proper cups inside the unit.
    • Pre-filled tray: MedMinder is designed to accept MedMinder- supplied pre-fill trays. These trays can be filled by family members, a pharmacist or caregiver and placed directly into the MedMinder unit. This feature greatly reduces the possibility of medication errors and ensures all prescriptions are correctly filled. Just let us know where to ship the empty trays and you, caregivers or a phamacist can fill them.

MedMinder pre-fill tray


Large Capacity

Each pill cup can hold many pills.
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Large Capacity

Each pill cup can hold many pills. Capacity varies based on the size and shape of the medications, but each cup is large enough to hold 11-12 average size tablets.


Many Types of Reminders

Many kinds of medication reminders are available.
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Many types of Reminders

The MedMinder automated pill dispenser prompts the patient to take or refill his/her medications through a series of optional pre-programmed visual and/or auditory alerts.

For example, if a medication cup is not removed from the unit at the scheduled time and day the compartment will start flashing. If the cup is still not removed after an extended period of time, other alerts, such as beeps, phone calls, emails or text messages can be initiated. If the medication is taken on time MedMinder’s central server will be informed and no alerts will be activated.

Caregivers can also elect to receive real-time email or text message notifications about the patient’s dosage activities. In addition, caregivers can elect to get weekly reports that summarize the patient’s dosage activities for that week. Caregivers who monitor multiple patients can opt to receive aggregate notifications and reports.


Multiple Weeks

Depending on how often you take your medications, the pillbox can be filled for one month or one week.
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Pill Dispenser can be filled for Several Weeks

MedMinder’s pillbox can be used for multiple medication regimen:

3-4 doses per day – 1 week’s worth of medication
2 doses per day – 2 week’s worth of medication
1 dose per day – 4 week’s worth of medication


Risk Free

Enjoy 30 day money back guarantee.
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Risk Free

MedMinder is a monthly service and has no upfront costs or long term contracts. Simply sign up for our service below and we will ship a MedMinder unit to you. You may use it as long as you want, and when you send us back the unit we will stop charging the monthly subcription.

In the unlikely event that you do not fall in love with your MedMinder automated medication dispenser, send it back (no questions asked) within 30 days and we will fully refund you.


No Contracts

You can choose to cancel at any time.
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No Contracts

You can cancel at any time – with MedMinder we give you the freedom to subscribe to our service for as long as you want and cancel at any point, without termination fees and no questions asked. When you send back the unit you will stop being charged as soon as it is received.

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Learn more by listening to what patients, family members and institutional caregivers have to say about MedMinder’s medicine reminder:

“For anyone managing a chronic illness, you have one less thing to worry about, and that’s taking your meds on time”

Chuck Ingham

“MedMinder provides another set of hands and eyes in helping you to remain adherent.”

The Meyers Family – St. Louis

“Its just not the pill taking that’s a comfort factor of the pillbox, but its also the fact that it is effectively double checking on the person at home repeatedly during the day”

HomeInstead Senior Care

“This unit is easy to use and coupled with a very powerful computer system to make sure you are taking your medications properly”

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

Nationwide Coverage
MedMinder pill dispensers are equipped to communicate with our monitoring centers via an internal GSM cellular link. No Phoneline needed. No internet needed.